Milan Polymer Days, MIPOL2017, is a two-day international event organized by the University of Milan and the Italian National Research Council - Institute of Macromolecular Science (CNR – ISMAC) scheduled for 15-16 February 2017.
MIPOL2017 will focus on the up-to-date advances of various aspects of polymer science and technology. Five plenary lecturers and more than twenty invited speakers coming from the international polymer science community will present their research results and discuss future targets.


The University of Milan will welcome participants at Greppi Palace, located at a walking distance from the Milan Cathedral. Sessions will take place in the majestic Napoleonic Hall.


MIPOL2017 aims at providing a global platform forum for Italian and international academic and industrial scientists active in polymer chemistry and technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and participate in interactive discussions. To this purpose, dedicated meeting rooms will be available at the conference site.


Contributions on synthesis, assembly and characterization of advanced macromolecular architectures are expected, namely:

Polymer synthesis
Supramolecular polymer chemistry
Polymers in nanotechnology
Polymeric biomaterials
Advanced characterization of polymers
Polymer technology

We are looking forward to seeing you in Milan on February 2017!

Elisabetta Ranucci, Marco Ortenzi
Congress Chairs